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Sunday, February 26, 2012

3/27 to 4/10, Macy's Flower Show, Macy's Herald Square

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3/27 to 4/10, Macy's Flower Show, Macy's Herald Square

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With blooms from around the world, enjoy a day of shopping, if you can take your eyes off the flowers.
Take a Guided Tour!
Experience Macy's Flower Show to the fullest by taking a 20-minute guided tour. Learn how the show was installed, plus get incredible details on this year's flowers and plants.
Tours are complimentary and available every half hour between 11 am and 4 pm at Macy's 35th and Broadway entrance.

Featured Gardens
Main Floor

Antebellum Garden
Featured along the main aisle, this new garden is inspired by the flora of the American Southeast. Transport yourself to the gardens of Charleston, Savannah and Atlanta as you take in the palmetto palms, dogwoods, gardenias, magnolias and camellias.
Japanese Garden
Presented by Carnegie Hall's Japan NYC Festival, the Japanese garden, located along the 35th street aisle, is a quiet, peaceful space featuring plants, materials and design from the Far East. Look forward to seeing different kinds of bamboo, heavenly palms, azaleas, pines, cypress and mums. Presented by Carnegie Hall Japan NYC.
Tropical Garden
A celebration of the earth's bounty to humanity, the Tropical Garden features trees and shrubs that grow in equatorial areas around the world and produce everyday delicacies such as cacao (chocolate), coffee, kumquats, mangos, sugar cane, citrus, papayas and bananas.
Hydrangea Garden
One of the most beloved flowers of spring, the beautifully big and colorful hydrangea gets its very own garden in the 34th street aisle. Enjoy a gorgeous variety of this crowd favorite including hydrangea trees, oak leaf hydrangeas, lacecap hydrangeas, viburnums opulus, nikko blue and endless summer hydrangeas.
Desert Garden
If you can stand the heat, head over to our cactus and succulent garden. An array of unusual beauties from hot, dry and arid regions, this garden features barrel cactus, euphorbia, kalanchoe, air plants, saguaro cactus and more.

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